Be A Rockstar Guest!

The holiday parties may be over until next year but those New Years parties are just around the corner. You already know how to host an awesome party (see my last post) but what about being a guest? Don’t just be another face in the crowd, be a rock star!Here are a few tips to help you stand out in the spotlight:

*If an RSVP is required, respond immediately. Many people put the invitation in their purse or on their refrigerator and say they will call in a few days but why not do it right now? The faster the host knows how many people are attending, the better they can plan for their party.

*If you say you are coming, come! Last minute cancellations are not acceptable unless there is a real emergency (and no, laundry, lack of sleep, or cleaning are not valid excuses).

*Never bring people who were not invited (this includes your children). If the invite is just addressed to you, double check before you bring a date. If it is addressed to you and a significant other that means your kids were not invited. Only bring your kids if the invite is addressed to your family or if the host tells you to.

*Always bring a hostess gift, even if it’s just a candle or a bottle of lotion. Keep it simple. Bottles of wine are always a safe resort (that is if the host drinks alcohol).

*Every host dreads the question: “What do you want me to bring?” The host already has too much to think about so if you are offering to bring an appetizer or dessert make your own decision. If you know that the host really likes something that you make, offer to bring it.

*Arrive on time. If you arrive too early you will stress out the host, while late arrivals give off the impression that you don’t care about the party.

*Don’t just talk to your group of friends. Try to make the rounds and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. If you only talk to people you know other people may think you are stuck up or anti-social and that is definitely not our goal here.

*PLEASE don’t whisper! I don’t care what you are talking about, just don’t do it! People will think that you are talking about them or the party even if you’re not.

*Make sure you compliment the cooking, even if it’s the worst food you ever ate.

*Don’t be picky about the food. The only time you should refuse to eat the food being served is in cases of religious or medical conditions. If you really can’t eat the food, do so politely and don’t draw attention to it. If you do have a religious or medical condition you may want to warn the host ahead of time or bring a dish you know you will be able to eat.

*Offer to help put out the food or clean-up. A good host should never put their guests to work but you still need to offer.

*Before you use anything, ask for permission. If you want to turn on the television to catch up on a game, ask. Even if you want to use the bathroom, ask. It’s not your house and you need to respect their property.

*Stay till the end of the party. This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours there, but wait until most people are done eating, dessert was served, or presents were opened (if applicable).

*Lastly, ALWAYS remember to say thank you (more than once if you can). The host went through a lot of effort and chose to invite you so let them know that you really did appreciate it.

The next time you attend a party, try some of these tips out and I promise that you will have a list of party invites in no time. Every host loves a guest who makes their life easier and they will surely invite you back again. Don’t forget to return the favor and invite them to your parties as well. Happy New Year, remember to be a rock star!

Now, go practice your ‘lipstick confidence’!


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