Pretty Please, with a Cherry on Top?

The words “please” and “thank you” are engrained in our minds as the magic words since pre-school or maybe even earlier by our parents. Then why is it that we constantly forget to say these few simple words so often? These two words can make a huge difference in someone else’s day, yet we don’t use them enough. We all have such hectic schedules, often running around from place to place, trying to get to our next destination as quickly as possible that we forget two simple manners that we have learned from day one:

*Say “please” every time you make a request for something such as, “I will have a small cappuccino, please.” The act of saying please is a recognition of the trouble that the other person is going through in order to fulfill your request. Even if it is their job to wait on you, it’s still nice to let them know you appreciate it.

*Say “thank you” every time a task or service is completed for you such as once the Starbucks employee hands you your cappuccino or someone holds the door open for you. Saying thank you applies to everyone, no one is below you.

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. Saying “please” and “thank you” shows that you have proper manners. People are naturally attracted to politeness. It shows that you are confident enough to publicly acknowledge the good of someone else. Plus, you are guaranteed to make that Starbuck’s employees day ten times better just by saying thank you. Sadly, they may even be surprised to hear it.

Now go practice your ‘lipstick confidence’ and brighten someone’s day!


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