Use It, Don’t Abuse It.

There is no denying that the cell phone was a great invention. Cell phones give people the opportunity to connect and communicate with each other no matter where one finds herself. But along with its convenience came a lot of really rude people. It seems like as soon as you put a cell phone in someone’s hand they completely forget all their manners. Just because you are on the phone, doesn’t mean you can neglect the actual people around you. If you are in a private setting, do as you please but if you are in public- be considerate of others.

*Talk normally. There is no need to scream into the phone. If you have a bad connection, you probably shouldn’t be talking to that person, call them back when you have better service. I promise the person on the other side of the line will still understand what you are saying if you talk a few decibels lower.

*Censor your public conversations. The person behind you in the Starbuck’s line doesn’t care about your wild weekend, your most recent breakup, or your latest fight with your best friend. Keep your personal problems for private conversations.

*Don’t interrupt face-to-face conversations to answer a phone call. You will get a chance to call that person back once your actual conversation with a real live person is over. If you sense it is an absolute emergency, politely excuse yourself and apologize after.

*Don’t check your phone at the movies. Turn your phone off and leave it in your purse or pocket. You probably won’t be in the movies for more than two and a half hours, I think you will survive.

*If you are having an in-person conversation with someone, don’t text someone else. It makes it seem like you don’t care what the other person is saying or that you aren’t listening.

*There are just some places that it is inappropriate to talk on the phone such as libraries, lines, offices, museums, restaurants, places of worship, or public transportation (especially when it’s really crowded).

Let’s not abuse a great thing. Think before you act. Survey the area around you and if you need to take a phone call in public, try to get to the most secluded area available to you. Make an effort to be polite and courteous, people will appreciate and take notice of your effort.

Now, go practice your ‘lipstick confidence’!


2 thoughts on “Use It, Don’t Abuse It.

  1. True. We do need phone manners. Imagine going for a date and your partner spends the whole evening on phone with people you don’t know and their phone keeps ringing. We all must style up and respect face to face conversations. I loved the blog and will pick some of the tips. Thanks for sharing.

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