The Bathroom Confessional

Cleanliness, atmosphere, and comfort are all major componets of the women’s public restroom debacle. All women have had horrible bathroom experiences that we hope we never have to encounter ever again. But the truth is, we probably will. The good news: we can ALL make it better by paying closer attention to our bathroom etiquette. For women, the bathroom is a sacred place. I’m warning you now, don’t mess with the Bathroom Goddess or else a vicious storm will ensue.

*The most basic rule- flush! Even if it’s just number one, no one wants to walk into a stall with your business in the toilet.

*If you tinkle on the seat (especially if you are a fan of the hover), quickly wipe the seat before you leave.

*If you clog the toilet, report it. The faster you report it, the quicker it will get fixed.

*Let’s face it- the bathroom is a social place for women. But it’s still a public place so we need to mind our manners:

-Don’t talk to strangers while they are in a stall- it’s just plain awkward. If you want to make some small talk while they are at the mirror or sink, go ahead. It’s ok to talk to your friends across stalls but use your inside voices, censor what you talk about, and be respectful of other users.

-It’s not uncommon for a group of girls to huddle in the bathroom for a quick break but keep your voices down, stay out of the way of others, and don’t gossip (especially at work). You never know who is in the stalls or will enter the bathroom without you knowing.

-The bathroom is not an appropriate place to talk on your cell phone. Step outside to take or make a call.

*If you know that there is something wrong with a stall (no toilet paper or its a gross mess), warn other women before they enter, just don’t stand at the sink watching someone enter into a stall you know is not up to par.

*Check for feet under the stall door before pushing it open, don’t just push through without checking. Many bathroom stall locks are faulty or it may not be properly locked.

*Use the proper trash receptacle. Throw paper towels into the trash and if you miss, pick it up. Also make sure to dispose of your personal feminine products in the right place (please don’t just leave them in the stall or in the toilet).

*Always wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.

*After you wash your hands, quickly wipe the counter/sink area, especially if you just applied make-up or brushed your hair.

Sometimes the bathroom is the only place women can escape, compose themselves, and consult with friends so don’t ruin our sanctuary. But we must also remember that the purpose of a bathroom isn’t for socializing, so we need to respect actual bathroom users.

Now, go practice your ‘lipstick confidence’!


4 thoughts on “The Bathroom Confessional

  1. I was just discussing this the other day!
    I was saying that sometimes I feel women’s bathrooms are worse than the men’s bathrooms. A lot of women will leave discarded hygiene products that haven’t been disposed of properly, won’t flush, don’t wash their hands and a pet peeve..brushing their hair and then leaving their hair in and around the makes me sick!
    I rarely use public bathrooms because I’d rather hold it in and due to the aforementioned (as well as other things!). But thanks for this post! People need to realise that there *is* such a thing as bathroom etiquette!

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