The Shopping Cure

Every girl likes to shop- it’s inevitable. Shopping is a great stress reliever and a successful cure for a bad day. But sometimes shopping induces even more stress than you had before you set foot inside the store. Some shoppers are just plain rude and inconsiderate. They act as if the store belongs to them and their needs are the only ones that matter. They can quickly turn a happy outing into a nightmare that you never want to relive again. When you are in a public space there is a lot to think about (it’s not easy to be polite), I couldn’t possibly mention it all here. Below I have outlined a few simple shopping guidelines from my personal experiences that I really wish more people would follow. You never know, you may have a part in turning a fellow shopper’s bad day into a good one.

*If you are in a store in which you are using a shopping cart- use it wisely. Don’t block the entire aisle with your cart (yes, other people will be walking down that same aisle). Most importantly, don’t walk too close behind the person in front of you or take sharp turns. You never know when that person is going to stop short and being hit with a shopping cart actually kind of hurts.

*If you run into a friend, don’t stand in the middle of aisle and gab. Move over to the side or in a corner where traffic flow is lighter.

*If someone isn’t following proper shopping etiquette (i.e. blocking your pathway) that doesn’t give you a free ticket to be rude back. Politely say “Excuse me,” don’t just push your way through. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

*Please, please, please be polite and considerate to store associates. Their job is NOT easy and most of them are getting way under paid to put up with rude people. Just because they work at the store doesn’t mean they know everything little thing about it, so if they don’t know the answer to your question don’t get agitated (they will ask someone who will). Also, if they don’t have something that you are looking for then they don’t have it. Your complaining is not going to make the object appear.

*Be aware of and obey posted signs such as cash register express lanes. If you have more than the item limit for the express lane then don’t get in it!

*If you have a cart full of items and there is someone behind you with one or two things, let them go ahead of you. Whenever someone does this for me I think it’s the absolute nicest thing ever- you could really make someone’s day a whole lot better just by one simple act.

*Try to have your money/credit card ready before it’s time to pay. No one likes to watch the person in front of them dig through their purse for five minutes trying to find their wallet. Everyone has hectic schedules so anything you can do to expedite the cashing out process would be appreciated by everyone.

*If you are in a clothing store, try not to mess with the piles of neatly folded clothes. It takes a long time for the store associates to make these piles and I could only imagine what they feel like when they see people wrecking them. Usually they leave the tags in a pretty accessible place so there is no need to unfold every shirt in order to find your size.

*Even if there are no signs, don’t eat or drink in stores (especially clothing stores)- there is just too much room for error.

*If you want to try something on- go in the dressing room. Not only do you look crazy when you are trying on a shirt over your other two shirts you are already wearing in the middle of the store but you are also stretching out a shirt that is not yet yours.

*Put stuff back where you found it. Everyone does it- we think we want something and after walking around the store a little bit we decide that we can do without it (props to you). Don’t just lay it down wherever you are, put it back where it came from. It’s unfair to the store associates to have to clean up after your mess.

*As in all public places, keep cell phone use to a minimum. If you have a phone call you must take, step outside or tell them you will call them back later.

When shopping, follow the golden rule “Treat others how you want to be treated.” We were taught that lesson in kindergarten for a reason and it’s really pretty simple. If something makes you mad when other people do it (such as blocking aisles or talking loudly on cell phones) then maybe you shouldn’t do it either.

What’s that you said? You really want a new pair of summer sandals? Well then, go get’em and practice your ‘lipstick confidence’!


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