Decorating Inspiration: Add Some Sparkle

So, I have this awkward space between the last step going down into my basement and the wall. It’s a big enough space for someone to accidentally step into and possibly fall and hurt themselves. When we re-tiled the basement floor when we first moved into the house we decided that we didn’t want to put a piece of tile in that spot because we don’t want people to mistake it for the step itself, since the step is tiled as well. So we left it blank, untiled for a while. Ok, fine maybe for over a year.

This weekend I finally “solved” the problem and it was a super easy thing to do. I had a large glass vase leftover from my wedding that I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it. Then inspiration struck- I will put it by the basement stairs so people can’t step into that awkward, completely pointless space. I just couldn’t put an empty glass vase there so I headed to the craft store.

What I came back with: pine cones, sliver glitter spray paint, gold glitter spray paint, and some pretty filler twigs and branches.

Naturally, the next step was to paint some of the pine cones sliver and some gold:

photo 1(1)

The spray paint gave them a really neat frosted look with a little pizazz, but still leaving a hint of the natural pine cone look as well:

photo 3

photo 4

To finish the project off (after the pine cones dried), I put my fillers in the middle of the glass vase and pushed in my sparkly pine cones between the filler and the vase. So when you look through the vase, you can see the pine cones instead of the ugly bottoms of the branches.

The end result: a beautiful and cheap decorative piece. Problem solved- for now… until my next pang of creativity strikes.

photo 5

There are three morals to this post:

1. There really are so many quick and easy do-it-yourself projects out there that add a lot of character to your house. It’s also nice to add your own personal touch to some items in your home. Fire up your creativity for a weekend. It’s fun!

2. Glitter spray paint is awesome! You can spruce up or refurbish anything with it. Use it.

3. When you own a house there’s always a new project to take on, no matter how long you have lived there.

Happy decorating!!